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The Omère Foundation was founded in 2022 by Abdullah Al Gurg. A global initiative for longevity, working to transform the future of aging.

The problem the Omère Foundation seeks to address. 

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The global healthcare system is skewed towards treatment and cure, rather than wellness and proactive prevention. Health budgets are invested in models that value drugs and cure over alternative and preventative healthcare solutions.

Traditional healthcare limits itself to ‘one-size-fits-all' treatments and a ‘wait-and-see' approach. A system that waits passively for disease and debility to manifest before taking action.

This leads to commercially-driven, sometimes temporary interventions. Our work gives focus to the root cause of poor health. We invest in alternative, natural and high-tech healthcare diagnosis, treatment and care.

OUR Mission

By catalyzing the world's most innovative life sciences, The Omère Foundation seeks to increase life quality and longevity through: awareness-raising and education; providing diagnosis, treatment and personalized care services to its members; and working in partnership with like-minded organizations to shape future health care policy towards more preventative interventions

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A message from our founder

I was inspired to set up the Omère Foundation by my own personal experience as a patient. I was lucky enough to benefit from a life-transforming health experience at the Institute, powered by personalized diagnostics, precision therapeutics and a one-on-one education program. This process transformed my health, improved my quality of life and, I am quite sure, extended my life by many years. This, coupled with mine and my family’s values of philanthropy, innovation and entrepreneurship enabled me to set up and endow the Omère Foundation so many others can also benefit from its work.

Through the Foundation, I want to help catalyze the world’s most innovative life sciences, to enhance and extend human life. Through the Omère Institute, I am driving a new approach to health, using disruptive technologies in life sciences. We’re transforming the way we approach health, age-reversal and genetics to understand and unlock the mechanisms of aging. I aim to raise awareness of innovative health opportunities, encouraging investment in wellness as a preventative measure. I am seeking and build-upon partnerships to increase impact and I’m raising funds to expand the Omère Institute’s work to new geographies so more people can benefit from its education, diagnosis, treatment and care programs. Through the Foundation’s work, we aspire to become a leader in the transformative new science of longevity, pioneering new frontiers in what it means to age.

I am passionate about Omère’s work, excitedly devoting my energy, time and resources to this Foundation. I look forward to collaborating with and learning from like-minded members, organizations and partners over the years to come. Together, we will enhance our collective impact and transform the future of aging.

Yours sincerely, 

Abdulla Al Gurg
Abdulla Al Gurg

Founder and Chair of the Omère Foundation 

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Advisory board

Dr Sarper Tanli
Dr. Sarper Tanli
Board Member
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Ser Miang Ng
Board Member
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Committee Members

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Global Impact

A global platform for preventative medicine that brings together innovation, technology and organic healing to transform the future of aging.

Omere Foundation objectives are twofold. That individuals have access to treatment, so their physical, mental, and emotional health is improved, quality of life is enhanced, and longevity increased. Health budgets shift away from drugs and cure, towards innovation in life science, disease prevention and wellness.


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Getting involved

If you would like to find out more about the Foundation’s work in longevity and ageing, or even to make a donation, please contact

We have a number of different opportunities to support The Omère Institute’s research and development program. There are also various membership and sponsorship opportunities to enable you, your family and friends to benefit from the Omère Institute’s life-changing diagnosis, treatment and care programs.

Please get in touch with the Omère Foundation team at to find out more.

Unlike anything else in the world

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Omère is a longevity institute innovating a new era of health through proactive, personalized programs to prevent disease and extend life. We combine cutting-edge diagnostics, precision therapeutics, and one-on-one support to provide a visionary new approach to longevity unlike anything else in the world. All of this results in the highest-attainable standard of health, preventing disease before it starts.

The Omère Foundation supports this pioneering and proven approach to health and longevity, working in partnership with like-minded organizations and individuals to raise awareness and increase access to these health care innovations. We do this so that more individuals can invest in and support wellness as a preventative measure, whilst accessing boosted health and longevity for them and for their families.

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Working in partnership

As we continue our work to transform the future of ageing, we seek partnerships with like-minded organizations from both the public and private sectors. Together, we wish to increase access and to expand the Omère Institute’s program into new geographies, enabling more people to benefit from its transformational diagnostic treatment and care.

If you would like to find out more about working in partnership, please get in touch with

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